Required Documents for Muslim Divorce in Bangladesh

Obtaining a divorce in Bangladesh, whether it’s based on Islamic law (Sharia), generally involves a set of specific documents and legal procedures. The required documents may vary depending on the type of divorce and the circumstances of the case. Here is a list of common documents that may be required for divorce in Bangladesh:

For Islamic Divorce (Talaq, Khula, Mubarat, Mudaharat, Faskh):

  1. Nikahnama: The marriage contract (Nikahnama) is a fundamental document, and a copy may be needed for reference during the divorce process.
  2. Translated Copy of Nikahnama/ Marriage Certificate: A copy of the marriage certificate is often required to prove the existence of the marriage.
  3. Identification and Address Proof: Both parties may need to provide identification documents, such as passports, national ID cards, or birth certificates, along with proof of their current addresses.
  4. Dower (Mahr) Agreement: If applicable, documentation related to the dower (Mahr) amount and its payment status should be provided.
  5. Photograph: In cases of Affidavit by the Notary Public or First Class Magistrate, a copy of a photograph of both Husband and Wife is required.

Nowadays, the number of divorces is highly increasing in Dhaka as well as all over Bangladesh. As a result, people should know the exact easiest procedure for divorce in Dhaka Bangladesh to avoid future legal complications.


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