Free Legal Consultancy

Make an Appointment to Book a free “30-minute consultation” with one of our Specialist Advocate.

We are available 24 hours a day if you need to speak to a Lawyer in an emergency. Please call us on +88 0171 7554 759. Please do not hesitate to call if you are concerned about any urgent legal issues, you need assistance with. We are here to help no matter how complex the problem is. M. Elahi & Associates strive to advise and assist our clients. We will arrange an appointment with you for a face-to-face appointment at a convenient time for you or will endeavor to speak to you via (phone, zoom) so that you have the legal advice you require.

Many people use social media as a method of communication and at M. Elahi Legal we are also contactable through Facebook, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn should you not have access to a telephone. Simply send us a message and we will message you back or you can confirm by message when you would like to book your free 30-minute appointment and we will confirm your booking.

You can also complete the online inquiry form of Contact Us page to book your free 30-minute appointment. Give us your name, telephone number, email and the issue that you require assistance with, and we will make arrangements to contact you, however you prefer.

At M. Elahi Legal we want our clients to have easy access to their chosen Advocate without the hassle of leaving messages and never receiving a call back. We understand that going through any investigation or Court case is stressful and worrying. We want our clients to have peace of mind that they have an Advocate who is contactable and is always willing to discuss any legal issues they require assistance with.

**Disclaimer: No specific legal advice can be addressed in a free session.  After your initial call with our lawyer, you will need to schedule an in-depth paid meeting to discuss case specifics. If it makes sense to move forward, our Lawyer can schedule this meeting during the “free advice session”.