Procedure to Withdraw Divorce for Muslims in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, as in many other countries with a Muslim population, divorce among Muslims is governed by Islamic law, which is known as Sharia law. There are several methods of divorce recognized under Islamic law in Bangladesh, and the specific procedure may vary depending on the circumstances and the wishes of the parties involved.

In regard to the one-sided divorce, where the husband or the wife initiates the divorce process by serving notice to the Mayor or Chairman of the locality, he or she has the option to cease the said divorce process. The husband or the wife who initiates the divorce process must withdraw the Divorce Notice within 90 days from the date of service of the notice. He/she must inform the Mayor of the City Corporation or Chairman of Union Parishad regarding his or her intention through the proper legal channel. He/She must also inform the Marriage Registrar.

If 90 days elapsed and the Divorce Notice issuer could not manage to do the needful as mentioned above, in such a case according to Muslim Personal Law, the husband and the wife must marry again and register their marriage under the Sariya laws. This is because once divorce is effective the partners are prohibited from staying together without marrying under Islamic Shariah law.


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